Joyner Lucas - Literally (508)-507-2209 (Audio Only)

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Joyner Lucas

پیش 3 سال

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Ash R
Ash R پیش روز
Def gives me “My Darling” vibes
Lil Moose Socks
Lil Moose Socks پیش 2 روز
I miss Joyner's old tracks evolution just wasnt for me
B.I.G J پیش ماه
Ima think twice b4 i grab the lotion tonight thx joyner 😠😡👿
Noname 123
Noname 123 پیش 2 ماه
I wish I could write a song about my dick and it be this 🔥🔥🔥🔥
John S
John S پیش 2 ماه
4:08 I swear that's the knife draw sound from CS:GO, wtf
JAY __
JAY __ پیش 3 ماه
Ladies don’t understand that’s how it be tho Fr
JAY __
JAY __ پیش 3 ماه
Need that instrumental
Tina Holster
Tina Holster پیش 4 ماه
Rose.h پیش 4 ماه
I literally love your channel
adri پیش 5 ماه
Kadynce Vigil
Kadynce Vigil پیش 6 ماه
This nigga fr cut his pp off
stopreadingmyname پیش 6 ماه
Dis joint weird
i have an embarrassingly small penis, but
i have an embarrassingly small penis, but پیش 7 ماه
I just realized this song is joyner having a conversation with his dick
R Mountains
R Mountains پیش 7 ماه
*Added to my "Real rap" playlist*
Mateja horvat
Mateja horvat پیش 8 ماه
No one: Litearly not a soul: Joyner:"i've been thinking with my dick" 😂👏🏽
theneighborhood پیش 8 ماه
Joyner is the most underrated artist of the century. This dude is better than most if not all of the og rappers.
kimjungyun پیش 8 ماه
jackboy 7414
jackboy 7414 پیش 8 ماه
Still bumping this in 2020 wake up real rap!!!!!!!
David A. Fye II
David A. Fye II پیش 9 ماه
Wow, this shit is trippy !? 😵💫👽
naila parveen
naila parveen پیش 10 ماه
Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard پیش 10 ماه
I took me a minute to catch up 😂😋✌️
David Johnson
David Johnson پیش 11 ماه
The only man I know who can talk to his dick and it be ok
joshua rivera
joshua rivera پیش 11 ماه
Been listening to Joyner since Happy Birthday and Mansion days. Real Joyner fans know that, what's funny is that I stumbled upon this song 3 days ago and hands down one of the most creative and interesting ways to touch upon such a topic. Love Joyner, hes very versatile with his style and I think hes a living legend already, the dude is going to be remembered in 20+ years
MikeV. Gaming
MikeV. Gaming پیش سال
3weeks later thay called my mom. Thank God we got to her first
MikeV. Gaming
MikeV. Gaming پیش سال
Niggas suffering trying not to sling . I pray to God but the devil laughing. Cant wait till we all with out pain, playin card, chillin. Happy.. that heart. Ty Joyner
_Mystic _
_Mystic _ پیش سال
i kinda feel like guys penis do think to them self
Erick Ballon
Erick Ballon پیش سال
This song is so underated
Kxng Keen
Kxng Keen پیش سال
this some real shit right here man
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown پیش سال
So im riding w my girl talking bout how Joyner is the "New" best videos best topics and this song comes into my reccomendation..never heard it ..i give it a spin...instantly i skip. im like nah lemme listen on the solo cause i ser where he going, and this after v1... Man she casually says lemme see ya phone goes back to the track ..we listen...its honestly a banger but now here comes the conversation. How accurate is this about men?😂 Yoooooo... Had it been my daughter ida straight bombed on the entire male species But this my woman...... This Joyner guy.. Causing conflict all the way in Baltimore😂😂😂
Burmese Bandit
Burmese Bandit پیش 9 ماه
lukey pham
lukey pham پیش سال
bruh he rapped about cutting off his dick lol
Clayton C
Clayton C پیش سال
i wonder if he was just in the shower and yellin at his dick.
Kid Cudi
Kid Cudi پیش سال
Dammmnnnnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ayze A
Ayze A پیش سال
Nalu Belanio
Nalu Belanio پیش سال
i like how nobody aknowledged that this entire song is about his dick. an entire song about his dick. funny ass nigga bruh i love joyner
Ruadhri mac
Ruadhri mac پیش سال
thought this was about his son for about 300 times till i just got it lol
E. G
E. G پیش 5 ماه
lakersfanisaac پیش سال
Sent this to my ex
Hiba Zubair
Hiba Zubair پیش سال
Damn this man raps about some real shit....I been cheated thrice because of my man having dick issues lmao🤣❤️🖤😍
hugo pereira
hugo pereira پیش سال
now I want a videoclip of dick like lil dicky has with "brain" 😂
Derek Fugitt
Derek Fugitt پیش سال
I'm a huge fan of strange music, first heard of Lucas on sirracha, looked him up and loved everything he makes..i just enjoy music that people put there soul into and my boy Joyner does nothing but that, keep making music that you believe in and nothing will stop you, # itgoesup
Derek Fugitt
Derek Fugitt پیش سال
Love you joyner.. anyone who like this song listen to tech n9ne worst enemy, different but similar
andrew پیش سال
Never thought I’d be vibing to a song about someone getting an std and cutting their dick off 😂 if that ain’t a sign Joyner is the greatest I don’t know what is, not everyone can make a song talking to their dick good
Kevin Whitehouse
Kevin Whitehouse پیش سال
Adapt OR parish records subscribe here follow me
andrew robles
andrew robles پیش سال
You know he is a good rapper when he raps about his own dick
Elusive Additive
Elusive Additive پیش سال
Don't know how a song about j talking about his dicks is so good
Dishan Williams
Dishan Williams پیش سال
Charlie Sheen nooooo 😳😭😭
amisaki hyuriko
amisaki hyuriko پیش سال
Did he just talk about his dick
Josh Bermudez
Josh Bermudez پیش سال
I love Joyner
John Andray
John Andray پیش سال
Joyner. This is my favorite song ever man. God bless you
JOHN GR پیش سال
so... he cut his dick off damn...
Poo Face
Poo Face پیش سال
Ya'll be talking about eminem dissing his own mom but ma boy joyner out there dissing his own dick
nothingness پیش سال
this needs more views
Stoggies پیش سال
Hahaha fuck Joyner you need to get out before you cut that shit off
imfamousMarlin پیش سال
what did i do, wait what did i do?
nathan cruz
nathan cruz پیش سال
This Boy Jonyer Lucas is the next thing coming watch what I'm saying. Every single time I said this, I was always right WATCH!!!. This boys got great bars, Great songs, great Deliverance, lyrical, and great concepts. That's all he needs to be the best and he got all that wrapped in one. #FACTS!!!! When he becomes a star. Remember this comment..
Nobody ThatMatters
Nobody ThatMatters پیش سال
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams پیش سال
Tech n9ne did it first. Check out the Absolute Power album. But this shit hard too
Toby Clark
Toby Clark پیش سال
Joyner is one of the only rappers with a storytelling perspective, he can represent different perspectives, different voices. In comedic and non-comedic tones which makes him of the only rappers along with Eminem who can do this and make it work...
A Storytellers Journey
A Storytellers Journey پیش 2 سال
Joyner the type of dude to personify his dick in his song... literally
Joe carroll
Joe carroll پیش 2 سال
that was some funny shit lmao!..😂
arda a
arda a پیش 2 سال
Whos here for no nut november
Dogman47 پیش 2 سال
Imagine a music video for this😂
Kyran Crawford-O'Gorman
Kyran Crawford-O'Gorman پیش 2 سال
Mans bussin a convo with his dick
Ghost Rhyme
Ghost Rhyme پیش 2 سال
This guy is key.All the way from South Africa.
That Eean Guy
That Eean Guy پیش 2 سال
Why didnt he use the beat in the beginning? bruh that 15 second beat was fucking fire 🔥
andre neil
andre neil پیش 2 سال
i be think with my dick he's got a mind of his own lol
Architects XIII
Architects XIII پیش 2 سال
I feel like he was using his dick as a metaphor. I feel like this is also a way just to talk to himself. He may have hurt women/played them or fucked up relationships because he let his lust win. And it's just spun this way to put the blame on himself another way/make the song different. Regardless, this is one of the best off this album imo.
JnM پیش 2 سال
Man amazing artist . Some real rap here .
Ibi Mboto
Ibi Mboto پیش 2 سال
why am I only listening to this now😣😣😣😣
Ryan Berrier
Ryan Berrier پیش 2 سال
This song is ridiculous😂
dml34468 پیش 2 سال
Tech n9nes song about his dick is dope too. I like this Trend lmao
Specimen X
Specimen X پیش 2 سال
He had a serious conversation with his dick
Neo Traditional
Neo Traditional پیش 2 سال
Nic Van Niekerk
Nic Van Niekerk پیش 2 سال
Can hear why Em called up this nigga
Jaxon پیش 2 سال
Tech N9ne "Worst Enemy"
Shelby Smith Vigil
Shelby Smith Vigil پیش 2 سال
Fire ass song about his dick 🤷🏽‍♀️
Osby Lethabo
Osby Lethabo پیش 2 سال
2018 where you at?🙏
Ali Yavan
Ali Yavan پیش 2 سال
Any other rapper talking about his dick would be gay as f. Joyner just turned my headphones into ash.
Allen Payne
Allen Payne پیش 2 سال
Joyner! Joyner!
Robbie Fortier
Robbie Fortier پیش 2 سال
Alright alright.
Ape X
Ape X پیش 2 سال
When you can relate! 😐
realPRiM8 theMonkey
realPRiM8 theMonkey پیش 2 سال
holy shit its already been a year......... still banging this like its the 1st day!
moe Asmal
moe Asmal پیش 2 سال
this is too lit 😂😂
Sw3dK!lla420 پیش 2 سال
Damn, when I think with my dick I end up single :/
Chinazaekpere Akunna
Chinazaekpere Akunna پیش 2 سال
awesome stuff nice conversation hahahaha man vs dick
Caleb Pierce
Caleb Pierce پیش 2 سال
Seems derivative of Tech n9ne’s “worst enemy”
Josh Harris
Josh Harris پیش 2 سال
most recent
AbdElrahman پیش 2 سال
I love this guy so much
Ramon Quiroz
Ramon Quiroz پیش 2 سال
We need a music video for this! 😵😆🔥
PLUG OUTLET پیش 2 سال
I meant jr
PLUG OUTLET پیش 2 سال
Miguel Johnson he me 2
Killa Karma
Killa Karma پیش 2 سال
I just started paying attention to the lyrics and was so confused until he said "swallow your kids up" I notice he was talking to his dik
Shawn Mose
Shawn Mose پیش 2 سال
Tomas Beckett
Tomas Beckett پیش 2 سال
'When bitches call him daddy then his head get bigger' Fucken genius
DesuFuck پیش 2 سال
This shit funny as fuck
Terell Chapman
Terell Chapman پیش 2 سال
XD Goodshit
Digital KD
Digital KD پیش 2 سال
I bumped this the whole ride from Detroit To Atlanta.
Baby Girl
Baby Girl پیش 2 سال
r3dragon11 پیش 2 سال
My girl just told me she had the clap and I got this shit. Fuck man fucking needed this song.
Greysen Porter
Greysen Porter پیش 2 سال
I just noticed this was him and his dick talking...
Line B
Line B پیش 2 سال
This is amazing!
JB پیش 2 سال
That beat... wow. I love it!
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