Joyner Lucas - Lullaby (508)-507-2209 (Audio Only)

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Joyner Lucas

پیش 3 سال

New release from The 508 project by Joyner Lucas.
Instagram: @joynerlucas
Available on Spotify and iTunes:

Official_Clownery -
Official_Clownery - پیش 21 روز
This song need more credit
trevon griffin
trevon griffin پیش ماه
This song is like my theme song whenever im hurt or whenever im down and low. Ive been a fan ever since i heard im sorry. I appreciate the art form and just appreciate the art
Mateo Tamarez
Mateo Tamarez پیش ماه
Listen to this with my new friend Sydney
Mateo Tamarez
Mateo Tamarez پیش ماه
She liked ir
Snow پیش ماه
that first part hits too close to home
Teefoxx Teeboss
Teefoxx Teeboss پیش 5 ماه
Who's here 2020 anyways i still feel like this song is slept on
Regadra پیش 3 ماه
I listen to this when I'm bored
Zach Muise
Zach Muise پیش 5 ماه
Hearing this song reminds me of a more simple time I'd kill to get back I miss when this album first came out
Regadra پیش 3 ماه
Ok Boomer,
Dan Van LAN Xan
Dan Van LAN Xan پیش 6 ماه
Dude this beat is legendary
FW7 پیش 7 ماه
I wish joyner would keep making songs like this
jakob forget
jakob forget پیش 7 ماه
Never seen a rapper so sure of them selves they able to rap in the perspective of a prostitute and still be the man
jakob forget
jakob forget پیش 7 ماه
Enough to make a man cry
justin ivory
justin ivory پیش 8 ماه
I wish we could get the old Joyner back
Regadra پیش 3 ماه
Ok boomer,
Stephen Grosenbach
Stephen Grosenbach پیش 8 ماه
You fucking 🐐 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Final Quickk
Final Quickk پیش 8 ماه
Very underrated song. This song speaks
Xander Crombie
Xander Crombie پیش 9 ماه
Just needed to pop in to say this is the most underrated song by the most underrated artists of our generation, I listen to this all the time on Apple Music and I started listening to it when it first came out, Joyner is the best rapper at telling stories in his music and he does it in a way that makes you feel the pain of the person in the story, love your music Joyner, never stop the grind.
Gloria garibay
Gloria garibay پیش 10 ماه
Nobody can fucking say this song is bad. The feel of all of this. It hit so fucking hard that it brought me to tears.
GN Online Gaming
GN Online Gaming پیش 10 ماه
Can just listen to this while on a roadtrip and it's night.
Jason پیش 10 ماه
lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala lalalalalalalalalalalala
Juan Pablo Enriquez
Juan Pablo Enriquez پیش 11 ماه
verse 1: dad and sister verse 2: nobody verse 3: dad
Nova Crispy
Nova Crispy پیش 11 ماه
Verse 1:Mom Verse 2:BF Verse 3: heroine
Escamilla پیش سال
Anyone else ever had a childhood without their dad?
Dakota Mindham
Dakota Mindham پیش سال
Mac Miller would have been 🔥 on this beat. RIP Mac 🥺
Daren Jimenez
Daren Jimenez پیش سال
Over the last 5 years, my stepmother and my stepsister passed away. My mom passed away in November and my stepsister in December 2018. Upon many other people man. Joyner Lucas makes music that speaks to the soul. Your music keeps me alive. Thank you bro.
TJ MOTO پیش سال
Don David
Don David پیش سال
OK for the people who didn't get the song The perspective Joyner is singing in is a girl There's a story here And verse 1- her mom Verse2- bf Verse3- heroine
Renegade; I AM!
Renegade; I AM! پیش سال
Definitely talking about doing heroin!!!
Joseph Hill
Joseph Hill پیش سال
Joyner!!!!! 🤟🏾💯🤙🏾
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia پیش سال
Me: this seems like a chill song Joyner: hey man you want a quick hit of the feels and think about your childhood and stuff Me:Noooooo!
Number Archive {vlogs}
Number Archive {vlogs} پیش سال
Idk why this song hurts whenever I listen to it! Dis ish is Soo deep & that chorus just gets me! Love this album so much!!!
this is the best song he has put out
Hiba Zubair
Hiba Zubair پیش سال
🤤😍❤️🖤 damn he good
TJ MOTO پیش سال
KUFU پیش سال
Oh my god it’s almost been 2 years since this came out
h i
h i پیش سال
Facts bro
Kalen Lott
Kalen Lott پیش سال
The chorus reminds me of when my mom used to sing to me to help me sleep 😔
Gimmi J
Gimmi J پیش سال
man, this music is so good. Who made this?
Jakob Forget
Jakob Forget پیش سال
Been here since 20k and I will never get sick of this song
Motor City
Motor City پیش سال
Imagine hitting the dislike button here... fucken swines
Cobalt gaming and friends
Cobalt gaming and friends پیش سال
Swear down. Been listening to this song since the album dropped. Not bored of any of Joyner’s music. He’s a god and deserves way more credit than he’s got. He won’t see this comment but keep going with making your insane music 🙏🏽👍🏽👌🏽
1SparkyBoi پیش سال
I feel like this song is about music. Like he’s personified music and it’s what he’s talking to.
Oliver Reyes
Oliver Reyes پیش سال
On the 8th track of the album, the song follows a girl’s perspective as she reflects on her comfort-seeking behavior, and how these relationships evolved as they grew and soured. Each of the three verses details a relationship in her life - her relationship with her mother, her boyfriend-turned-pimp, and with heroin injections. Source:
Johnny Simmons Jr
Johnny Simmons Jr پیش سال
This need a video ASAP
Los El Yatta
Los El Yatta پیش سال
Best song on the album?
gbar796 پیش سال
@Johnny Simmons Jr not only, the writing is super dope , how he connected all 3 stories is just insane to me
Johnny Simmons Jr
Johnny Simmons Jr پیش سال
It's that beat
JOHN GR پیش سال
so in this song the verses represent people
Johnny Simmons Jr
Johnny Simmons Jr پیش سال
Seems like it represents one person. 1- Girl who went from being loved by her mom then pushed away, so 2- she turned cold and met a guy who she fell in love with. Then he pimped her out to be a prostitute, so when that went bad 3- she turned to drugs for that love and even that went south. Just my opinion
TJ MOTO پیش سال
This App sucks
This App sucks پیش سال
Hands down my favorite song in the album. so underrated
AsadTheGodTV پیش سال
How did 113 people ALL accidentally press the dislike button?
Jose Ventura
Jose Ventura پیش 2 سال
I never met him, nor will I ever. But Joyner Lucas, you actually saved my life, from I'm sorry to this. From losing my family to losing my girlfriend. Your music is keeping me from giving up, and I thank you.
Rick Morty
Rick Morty پیش 5 ماه
@Barry Allen Secret Service Agent same
Barry Allen Secret Service Agent
Barry Allen Secret Service Agent پیش 8 ماه
Jose Ventura I never even had a girlfriend
10k subs without a video
10k subs without a video پیش 9 ماه
@Artemis Logic Nothing everyone. I have met people whom have never heard of my country.
Artemis Logic
Artemis Logic پیش 9 ماه
@10k subs without a video everyone knows where nigeria is silly
kaleel Miller
kaleel Miller پیش 10 ماه
Felt this
sam پیش 2 سال
ya 500k views exactly
Jimmy Shehadeh
Jimmy Shehadeh پیش 2 سال
Respect from italy
Bryan Yehezkiel
Bryan Yehezkiel پیش 2 سال
Wouhhhh 🌋
Nickeama Noys
Nickeama Noys پیش 2 سال
Don't dislike his song because it hits to close to home...the songs dope! You'll be alright.
leonan silva
leonan silva پیش 2 سال
come here after i love it
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton پیش 2 سال
Slim shady LP '99 vibes
Kari Rose
Kari Rose پیش 2 سال
That last verse tho ........💔
StirfyTheGreat پیش 2 سال
That first verse really hits me
andrew h
andrew h پیش 2 سال
Everyone sleeping on this man like he singin a lullaby
andrew h
andrew h پیش 2 سال
Favorite hook on the album.
summer Marrero
summer Marrero پیش 2 سال
This song needs a music video. I love it
Flo 24
Flo 24 پیش 2 سال
Fucking Beautiful
Nexer602 G
Nexer602 G پیش 2 سال
A mothers love...
Gaz aviation
Gaz aviation پیش 2 سال
Joyner you in my top 5 man !!! Please don't stop spitting bars
feereel پیش 2 سال
this man is definitely not with that ignorant street shit...he dont like wack rappers who glorify robbing and murder and he got love for the kids
STAN پیش 2 سال
Here after Eminem.
DjBacto پیش 2 سال
I'm so glad em featured him to introduce him to the rap game and the people who doesn't know him , man em is rap god keeping Hiphop alive with his music and by bringing real talents to the game , Lucas is definitely in my top 10 I already heard most of his songs by now
Jaz Tucker
Jaz Tucker پیش 2 سال
when the big twist is revealed in this song, mind=blown!!
Slugger13214 پیش 2 سال
One of the best songs I've ever heard in my life.
James Ealey Jr
James Ealey Jr پیش 2 سال
He obviously killed it
Mr. Shady
Mr. Shady پیش 2 سال
I love this song
Allen Payne
Allen Payne پیش 2 سال
You, Joyner Lucas, are truly a genius.
Chris Ybarra
Chris Ybarra پیش 2 سال
my favorite Joyner song
ANASTASIA ! پیش 2 سال
Why does he always have the voicemails in the end?
Mark Shade
Mark Shade پیش 2 سال
Stacey Ohh they might be actual voicemails he received from people who heard the song or saw the album as that is an actual phone number you can call.
Gage Brown
Gage Brown پیش 2 سال
96 cunts disliked this
Scott James
Scott James پیش 2 سال
Gonna see him in the UK next month! 🔥🔥🔥
P W پیش 2 سال
This is his most underrated song i think. The vibe to this song is just so good.
katie kenneallly
katie kenneallly پیش 2 سال
[Verse 1] I wonder if you often think about what you became Or do you ever wonder if you ever truly changed? Cause honestly I'm lost and I don't know who to blame I need some help cause I don't know what else to soothe the pain I watch you raised me as a baby so over protective Smiling at me, blowing kisses while you hold me restless When you told me that you loved me I can tell you meant it And it never took for you to try to ever show your efforts But we was connected through the heavens though, I felt your soul And that alone is just a feeling some will never know I bumped my head and you consoled me as you held me close And I wonder where went wrong but I guess I'll never know Cause ever since I grown I felt like you been kind of giving up And it seems like everything I do is just not good enough Shit, we don't have the type of bond we used to have before And I ain't mad at all, I just wonder if you recall the day that I was born When you used to sing to me like [Hook] La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (Yeah, you used to sing to me like) La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (You used to sing to me) La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (Yeah, you used to sing to me like) La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la [Verse 2] I wonder if you often think about what you became And do you ever wonder if you ever truly changed? Cause honestly I'm lost and I don't know who to blame Nigga I need some help cause I don't know what else to soothe the pain My father died when I was five and I ain't cry at all I never knew him he just disappeared and I'm not sure if he knew I would grow up to be ruthless, I don't hide my flaws A young woman with a body and a mind like yours cause we a lot alike I mean that's prolly' why I felt connected And when we met I was so innocent but slowly tempted When you told me that you loved me boy I know you meant it You sucked the soul out of my body with your own intentions Now I'm stuck inside a life of prostitution, no discretion And all you do is beat my ass and leave me slowly breathless But we don't have the type of bond we used to have before And I ain't mad at all, I just wonder if you recall when I laid in your arms And you used to sing to me like [Hook] La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (Yeah, you used to sing to me like) La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (You used to sing to me) La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la (Yeah, you used to sing to me like) La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Life of Gibbo
Life of Gibbo پیش 2 سال
Adawgua پیش 2 سال
1st verse - A boy (maybe Joyner) is talking to his mom about how she raised him and how it impacted himself now being an adult, and now that shes older he is worried about her health 2nd verse - The mother is now talking to the father about how she first connected with him, but only to see that he fucked up her life and left her in an abusive relationship and on the streets to make money 3rd verse - The mother is now talking to the heroine that she now takes, the heroine helps her escape from her reality but isn't there for her in a positive way He starts each verse with the same/similar lines about asking who they should blame for their current situations, but then finishes each verse by forgiving the person/thing they are talking to and reminiscing on the good times. I think this comes to a conclusion that the person talking realizes that it is their own responsibility for the actions they take. This is just my opinion of the song, what do you guys think?
Ethan Garcia
Ethan Garcia پیش 2 سال
Joyner deserves 60 million suns not a racist whiny guy who says hard Rs
Maria Ugapo
Maria Ugapo پیش 2 سال
Every joyner song i show this particular mate and he says, whens he gonne rap hes just talking? ....the dumbass too use to mumble rap bs. Smfh
Aj Tants
Aj Tants پیش 2 سال
Putting MA on the map 💪
bostonbro2019 پیش 2 سال
Why does this sound just like Stan?
Stephen K
Stephen K پیش 2 سال
Criminally low amount of views. Fucking hell....
miketothe2ndpwr پیش 2 سال
You're music is making me feel emotions again.
wewe pp
wewe pp پیش 2 سال
Dear Joyner, I feel like this song is really unrated cause every time I listened to it I love it. It really hits me as well as all you’re other songs. An I mean all. You are a rapper with a story but not no fake shit, you hit real deal problems man an I think your the greatest for it. Thank you.
BDK Rondo
BDK Rondo پیش 2 سال
Dawson Lemarr
Dawson Lemarr پیش 2 سال
damn good message that he sends
Solomon Hunter
Solomon Hunter پیش 2 سال
Bro is it me but when it’s night and you driving, it’s like you feel the song when it’s playing
Jawad Alatassi
Jawad Alatassi پیش 2 سال
the chorus is amazing good job Joyner
AyJoeyBenafooko 2
AyJoeyBenafooko 2 پیش 2 سال
No one got the instrumental for this yet? I wanna write to this beat so bad. Ain’t trynna get famous just a regular dude that likes to write.
TerpTaster403 پیش 2 سال
right? cant find it anywhere, shit is so nice
IanDMastro پیش 2 سال
Joyner is the only artist that can touch my soul fr
Jay WBell
Jay WBell پیش 2 سال
Flower Petal
Flower Petal پیش 2 سال
If you all like Joyner you’ll like Witt lowry! Put these two together you’ll have something world changing. Both too underrated
5th Nation
5th Nation پیش 2 سال
Can someone please send me a link or make this instrumental ill pay i need this man
5th Nation
5th Nation پیش 2 سال
With the hook??
· Francis ·
· Francis · پیش 2 سال
I teared up just on how relatable this song is
5th Nation
5th Nation پیش 2 سال
Who knows where i can get this instrumental i need it
need the instrumental tho
MariJayne Hammer
MariJayne Hammer پیش 2 سال
Wish I could talk with Joyner
THE PHOBIAZ پیش 2 سال
Me and Joyner go through almost the same shit. Hate if you want.
Dalton Van
Dalton Van پیش 2 سال
Instrumental pleeeaasssseee?
Julian Navarrete
Julian Navarrete پیش 2 سال
Why didn`t this album get nominated for best rap album?! This album is a classic!
Sasha Gligorijevic
Sasha Gligorijevic پیش 2 سال
MR Krabs
MR Krabs پیش 2 سال
Call the fire department this is on FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒